Dear Visitor!

I am Zsombor Péter Novák, my nickname is Zsombito.
I am involved in filmmaking, writing and organizing community events,
and i have an active sports life.

This website contains personal stories and interviews in order to find answers to the following topics:
body and soul, careers and occupation, human destinies and tabus.

Extremely finite and infinite

Exklusive interview with Gábor Rakonczay, sailor about ego, death, love, life.

Kálmán Furkó, the rower

Kálmán Furkó, European Champion rower, grandchild of the 8th Dan Karate master: "Find something, that you like and do it passionately, with an open heart! Without it, it sucks to get up in the morning."

Míves asztal, tinta, papíros és gyertyafény nélkül

| Vers | Tátongó, feszítő szájakkal szállnék, és kiabálnám: állj, most már elég! Lelkem mélyén hol dúl a harc…