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A születés tisztasága

The pureness of birth

in Személyes történetek - Personal Stories

Dear me!

How could you believe, that from one day to the next, the forces, that work in you and are harmful for others and for you, could just go away? You really thought, that the chance of rebirth is as simple as ordering „fruits of redemption„ from the menu?

You naive.

The forces of nature and the operation of the human soul within go beneath these childish determinations. If you’re going against the will of your authentic self for too long, then the repressed emotions will get stronger, the connections and dependencies will get tighter, all in all more dangerous, resulting in rising tension, doubt, agony and fear in you. Thus, you become – sooner or later – a ticking time-bomb, which can go off causing serious damage, instead of just handling the unsettlements in their own time. Unfortunately, this can be justified through numerous examples in your surroundings.

Would you like to finally face your actions, the consequences of your decisions, your grief, your happiness, your envy, your fears?

Would you like to face yourself at all?

Illustration: Bence Molnár - @ben_mill_

Meg kell értened, hogy a menekülés veszélyei sokkal nagyobbak, mint átélni a szembesüléssel járó nehézségeket! Mindez a lelki, s az ebből fakadó fizikai jóllétedet segíthetik elő: itt a lét a tét.

If you lose hope for your future and your dreams go unfulfilled, if you’re willing to face the pain, that comes with unfolding your vital emotional, spiritual and physical bonds, then your spoken words will have power.

Let it be your sincerest hope to let yourself have questions about your life in the future, the base of your belief system and the matter of your own self!

Have the courage to trust, that you won’t be the victim of your surroundings and contemplations forever!

And if you still choose to rather continue betraying yourself, I’ll make sure to enlighten you another way, what truly matters when it comes to you.

Hoping for your sincere answer: Me

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