Judaism I Jesus I holocaust I Israel Now is the time | Interreligious dialogue | Educational Movie

Premier: 2020.12.19.

Pope Francis: 'Inside every Christian is a Jew'

The interreligious dialogue is still an unknown concept in Hungary. The goal of the “Now is the time” documentary is to translate the topics of Judaism, Jesus, Holocaust and Israel from a scientific, political language to the language of the average person. Furthermore to create peace between religious and non-religious communities!

Screenwriter and Director: Zsombor Péter Novák

Participants: Dr. Károly Dániel Dobos - judaic, Zsombor Péter Novák - jewish community organizer

Narration: Stella Ábel - actress, Fruzsina Pregitzer - Jászai Mari award winner actress

Editor, Cameraman, Effects : Géza Sipos, Medusa Pictures

Music: Judit Klein: Szól a kakas már, Docpiando Band: Hatikva, Debreceni Canto Armanico Singing Band and Szabolcsi Symphonic Band and Donáth Tóth : Johann Sebastian Bach, Ruht wohl (Johannes-Passion, BWV 245)

Logo: Tiago B. Beltrão, CIVVIE

Language: Hungarian

Subtitle: English (Rebeka Durden)

Thanks to the University of Jewish Studies and to the National Talent Center (Ábris Szép)

Special thanks to Dr. Károly Dániel Dobos - judaic, to Dr. Tamás Róna Chief Rabbi, to Zsolt Tiba Calvinist pastor and to my mother, Gyöngyi Földi

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