travel report & psychological autobiographical novel The way of forgiveness

As a result of the more than 1,300 km journey from Berlin to Tiszapüspöki and previous life situations, I am increasingly convinced that the main source of my suffering was a lie, that is, a lack of complete honesty and self-acceptance without borders.

It’s commonplace, but I also think nothing happens by accident. I had to realize that while I focused exclusively on others, I didn’t really have a chance to deal with the essentials. I took terrible roles from others, which lied not only to others but to myself. I didn’t even know the answers to the simplest questions: what I like, who’s a good friend to me, what I want, or what I don’t want. It is considered by many to be a waste of time and to deal with issues of self-knowledge that are useless to society, but sooner or later - and then sooner - everyone has to account for themselves, right ?!

So all I am doing now is trying to reach the spiritual and physical boundaries of my being, the essences that represent the world of pure consciousness beyond the ego and matter, where the realm of eternal existence without suffering begins. I do not currently know of a more suitable method for this than the description of the cruel, undisguised truth that I believe.

In this book, therefore, I write my account of my journey home from Berlin, and last but not least, I account for my past, my actions, my sins, my desires, myself, so that the past can pass once and for all, pushing myself into a constant, continuous change of presence.