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Novák Zsombor Péter vagyok, becenevemen Zsombito. Filmkészítéssel, írással és közösségi események szervezésével foglalkozom, emellett aktív sportéletet folytatok. E honlap személyes történetek és interjúk formájában keresi a válaszokat főként a következő témakörökben: test és lélek, karrier és hivatás, emberi sorsok és tabuk.

During my adventures I met with very different social classes: I lived between the rich, where I could go to the street only with a guard and bulletproof car. Thanks to my connections I also could spend time in slums, where band members are walking on the streets with machine guns. I worked on several cultural projects where I experienced that the labels of society take over the soul of the individuals. From time to time I also did physical work, where I had the chance to learn about the mentality of people who are often looked down by society, even nowadays. Outside of what social roles we identify ourselves with, my other big interest is to define what is actually humanity's job in this world.

Because of my open minded attitude, I often find myself out of my comfort zone. I can see the damaging effects of lies, egoism and bad will, however, I am still able to find the beauty in the little things and to acknowledge the wonders of the world. Meanwhile writing became my deserted island where I can enjoy the limitless honesty and the liberating feeling it gives.


Colegio Marista Pio XII. (Maristas Brothers Private school)

Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Tiszaparti Roman Catholic
Primary and Secondary School

Szolnok, Hungary

Jewish Theological Seminary –
University of Jewish Studies

közösségszervező szak
kutatási terület: vallásközi párbeszéd, vallásdiplomácia
Budapest, Hungary

Ars Poetica

If it's true that we are all from the same roots, only our trunks and leaves became different over the years, then what would be our reason to cut the nourishing ground from under our feet?

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